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About GamerPrint

Allow us to introduce ourselves...

GamerPrint create designer gaming t-shirts, hoodies and posters that are inspired by the biggest games of our generation. Our designs delve a little deeper than the others - we draw our references from within the world of the game to create t-shirts that are as unique as they are cunning.


It all began in the summer of 2009. A small group of gamers and designers who were frustrated with the amounts of sub-standard gaming tees out there decided to make their own store selling the kinds of t-shirts they would actually wear. We launched our first range of just five t-shirts in September 2009. In our first year we expanded our range to 14 designs spanning t-shirts, hoodies and limited edition prints. We now aim to release at least one new design per month and our product range is ever-expanding.  In October 2011 we introduced a new type of product - ready to hang gaming canvases.  Now gamers can hang their favourite t-shirt designs on their walls!


Gamers aren't interested in noob slogans and simple game logos on their t-shirts anymore. They want t-shirts that don't shout "I'm a geek", even thought they (and we) all are! We provide designs that are far more wearable - non-gamers will see them as everyday t-shirts but fellow fans will give you a knowing nod when they pass you in the street. Our commitment to our community is as follows:

  • Our designers work very hard coming up with ideas and only the best ones make it into the collections. You will only find our designs here.
  • We aim to release at least one new design per month, never sacrificing quality for quantity.

All of this means that our t-shirts are original, high calibre products. We want to be different from the others and we want our customers to see that difference. 

Have a look through our store to see our latest designs. Any questions our feedback can be mailed to info@gamerprint.co.uk. Thanks and we hope you enjoy using GamerPrint!