EGX is just around the corner. And we’ll be there!

What’s a gamer to do? We’re heading to EGX to meet the gaming community and sell some t-shirts – but we’ll be surrounded by 80,000 gamers over 4 days at the biggest gaming convention in the UK! We’re gonna get a bit distracted.

The past few weeks have seen us working tirelessly to get ready for EGX. It’s the first gaming convention we’ve ever attended, so we want to get things just right. Stop by our stand to browse our video game inspired merch as well as enter a competition to win £150 GamerPrint vouchers. Or grab a lollipop. No, seriously. We have lollies.

You’ll find us at stand R26 during the whole event, but probably not all of us all at once – here are the games we simply just can’t wait to break away from the GamerPrint stand to get involved with.

Star Wars Battlefront 

This game has so much going for it that it doesn’t even need an excuse to be played at EGX. It’s a reboot of the original two Star Wars: Battlefront games, where players took control of Rebels, Storm Troopers, heroes and vehicles to lay waste to the enemy before the home team runs out of reserves. Plus it’s based on the Star Wars universe! STAR WARS!

The original two games hold so much nostalgic magic that there was never any doubt about playing this game on release – but now we get to play it early!

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

This is another blast from the past. The original Mirror’s Edge from 2008 had us sat glued to the TV for hours at a time. It was just so unique and expansive – we’d never played anything like it.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst promises improved movement and combat along with an open world city to explore with the freedom to do anything we want at any time. Combine this with the unique gameplay from its predecessor and you have the recipe for success.

Tom Clancy’s The Division

Another open world experience from a developer with a little experience in the genre: Ubisoft. Sure, they’ve had a lot of criticism lately but the developer has already pushed back the release date to iron out some issues. 

We’re so excited to play this because it’s so different. Sure, it’s a shooter, and sure, it’s an open world game, but how many times have you explored New York after a pandemic has crippled public services and food and water supplies? We’ve watched all the videos and read all the news – now we just want to get hands on.

EGX Rezzed

But we can’t explore EGX without having a mooch around upcoming indie games. With titles like Raging Justice, Bears Can’t Drift!? and Team 17’s Worms WMD it’s going to be very difficult to pry us away. We’ll be watching developers showcase their games, as well as having a chat with artists, programmers and designers about how much work actually goes in to creating a video game.

Come visit us!

We'd love to meet you. Gamers, GamerPrint fans: anyone is welcome. Seek out stand R26 and we'll be there. But if you're not heading to EGX next week you can get involved with us on social media throughout the event. #GAMERPRINTEGX
Ashley Grimshaw

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