Christmas Order Deadlines for 2015

The GamerPrint Elves have been working non-stop but there’s only so far we can push them. There’ve been more than a few tears and even some Union talk in hushed voices when they didn’t think we were listening, so something needs to give. 

Unfortunately as a result there’s a deadline for placing your order to have it arrive in time for Christmas. For all orders being shipped to France, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia and Switzerland the deadline is 12:00 GMT (midnight) on the 11th December, and for orders shipped to the UK the deadline is the 15th December.

Yep, that means the deadline for all orders being shipped to the USA and anywhere else not mentioned above has passed. There’s just not enough time for our Elves to print, pack and ship everything in time for it to travel the distance before the big day. 

We’d like to say it serves you right for leaving your Christmas shopping so late, but apparently that’s bad customer service. Who knew? So instead we’re offering 10% off absolutely everything you order before New Years Day with code DEADLINE10. You can enter it at checkout to save 10%, but don’t let us tell you what to do… we already have the Elves’ Union on our asses about that.

Ashley Grimshaw

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