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Allow us to introduce ourselves...

We're not your normal online retailer.

We're soldiers. We're racing drivers. We're career criminals looking for the next big score.

We're athletes. We're explorers. We're defenders of the known and unknown universe, and we have saved the planet too many times to count.

We've suffered loss. We've suffered despair. We've faced down overwhelming odds and lived to tell the tale.

We've existed in the past, present and future. We've led countless lives. And we'd live them all over again in a heartbeat.

And we're just like you.

GamerPrint isn’t just another gaming merchandise brand peddling the same stuff you can find all over the Internet. We’re gamers, born and bred. Our designs are original and unique, inspired by some of the greatest video games of all time, and we create every single product we offer ourselves. 

Our designs delve a little deeper than the others - we draw our references from within the world of the game to create t-shirts that are as unique as they are cunning.


It all began in the summer of 2009. A small group of gamers and designers who were frustrated with the amounts of sub-standard gaming tees out there decided to make their own store selling the kinds of t-shirts they would actually wear. We launched our first range of just five t-shirts in September 2009 and we haven't stopped since.


Gamers aren't interested in noob slogans and simple game logos on their t-shirts anymore. They want t-shirts that don't shout "I'm a geek", even thought they (and we) all are! We provide designs that are far more wearable - non-gamers will see them as everyday t-shirts but fellow fans will give you a knowing nod when they pass you in the street. Our commitment to our community is as follows:

  • Our designers work very hard coming up with ideas and only the best ones make it into the collections. You will only find our designs here.
  • We aim to release at least one new design per month, never sacrificing quality for quantity.

All of this means that our t-shirts are original, high calibre products. We want to be different from the others and we want our customers to see that difference. 

Have a look through our store to see our latest designs. Any questions our feedback can be mailed to info@gamerprint.co.uk. Thanks and we hope you enjoy using GamerPrint!

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