Top 10: Worst Cosplays Ever

Introducing ten of the greatest fails in the world of cosplay. Some people do it really well, while others, for many reasons... just don't. 

A bad cosplay isn't usually down to the subject not being blessed with the looks - some are simply shocking interpretations of their beloved heroes.

Sit back and enjoy the worst of the worst!

10. Wolverine

He's got the pose correct, at least.

9. Iceman

Nightmares about that "face" will ensue...

8. Flash

That's an impressive six pack!

7. Cat Girl

In every sense of the word - no.


6. Iron Man

The recession has hit Stark Industries where it hurts.

5. Dark Spidey

Amazing! Not.

4. Lara Croft

Angelina Jolie has nothing on him.

3. Sailor Moon

Hello sailor! I mean goodbye...

2. Optimus Prime

Dude... just put the helmet back on. NOW!

1. ????

Not just the worst cosplay of all time, this could well be the worst photograph in the history of the universe. We apologise to your retinas. 

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