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Beware of Necromorphs - T-shirt


Inspired by the Dead Space seriesåÊ

How would you like the horrifically disfigured reanimated corpse of a friend slicing you up to convert your necrotic flesh into another Necromorph? Not so much? Yeah.

Don‰۪t be a hero ‰ÛÒ taking out their limbs won‰۪t stop them, you need to completely rip them apart. It‰۪s a job for your nearest Titan Security Officer to handle, so report all sightings immediately!

An original gaming t-shirtåÊcreated by GamerPrint. Designed byåÊDean Walton, this print is available in blueåÊfor both men and women, printed on 100% cotton t-shirts.

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