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Murderbrawl XXXI - Hoodie


Inspired by Saints Row The Third

All's fair in love and Murderbrawl, which makes for fantastic entertainment. To quote Bobby: "No matter who wins tonight, someone is going home with crushed dreams and internal bleeding. The crowd can't get enough of the carnage, and quite frankly, Zach, neither can I."

Murderbrawl XXXI takes pro wrestling to a whole new level, so if you don't have the balls, or the stomach, to put everything on the line for one night of glory then you best go back to nursing kittens or quilting or whatever the hell you do in your spare time.

Show you're The Champ with this design by Dean Walton; an original 80/20 polycotton, regular fit video game hoodie by GamerPrint. Available in purple.

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