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Mutagenic Antidotes - T-shirt


Inspired by the Resident EvilåÊseriesåÊ

So zombies, they're fun. Until one decides to ignore that shotgun shell to the nads and takes a chunk out of your arm in compensation. That's never fun.åÊ

Luckily for you, there's Leon Kennedy's mutagenic fixer elixer - the most effective post-apocalyptic, mystic fix-itåÊfrom here to theåÊBaltic. Basically, get infected and it'll save your life.åÊ

Support your favourite Mutagenic Antidote with thisåÊoriginal gaming t-shirt fromåÊGamerPrint. Designed byåÊDean Walton, this print is available in green and greyåÊfor both men and women as 100% cotton t-shirts.

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