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Mute City Grand Prix Track - Hoodie


Inspired by the F-Zero series

The F-Zero Grand Prix: purposely designed to be ultra-fast, competitive and brutal; because what else is there for wealthy ex-space merchants to do with their retirement than watch highly trained F-Zero Machine pilots mutilate and mangle each other at blinding speeds?

The sprawling metropolis of Mute City is regarded as the information link to the entire universe. Quite a bold claim for a city on Earth, but then it is home to over a billion life-forms living together in near-harmony. 

It's the most famous location in the Grand Prix circuit of the F-Zero series, so support the largest technologically advanced city in the universe with this design by Dean Walton; an original 80/20 polycotton, regular fit video game hoodie by GamerPrint. Available in blue and purple. 

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