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Vault 21 - T-shirt


Inspired byåÊFallout: New Vegas

Ah, VaultTec. If it wasn't for Project Safehouse, the human race would likely be a skid mark in the Earth's oversized y-fronts right now. That's not to say being locked in a Vault and escaping nuclear obliteration wasn't all sunshine and unicorns; the Vault Dwellers had it pretty tough too.åÊ

Each vault had it's own purpose, and Vault 21 was all about gambling and addiction. It's no surprise then that after the Great War, Vault 21 was transformed into a casino fit for anyone looking to gamble away what meagre Bottlecaps they have left.åÊ

Before you leave, pick up an original Vault 21 t-shirt. Designed by Dean Walton and printed on regular fit, 100% cotton tees. Available in grey.

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